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  1. Moving to Pelican

    I’ve maintained a blog for the previous ten, or so, years in one form or another. The first iteration was hosted on some platform that I don’t remember followed by WordPress (.com and self-hosted). I’ve grown weary of all the third-party stuff that gets brought in when …

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  2. Git access from within vim

    Today a line was crossed.  I'm not sure if it was the insanity of spending all day writing nine lines of Python (I am not a developer... I am not a developer... I am not a developer.) or what, but I really wanted to do git commands from within vim …

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  3. Starting work at Red Hat

    I'm excited.  Earlier this week I accepted a position at Red Hat working on a very cool project that has the ability to affect many open source, and not so open source, projects in a very positive way.  The opportunity that I was presented was too good to turn away …

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  4. Mutt Configuration of GPG and From field

    Mutt is one of those programs I have a love-hate relationship with: I hate to love it.  It's flexibility and almost infinite configuration options makes this email client one of the best and worst to use.  Once you get mutt configured you'll want to put the configuration file in the …

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  5. IPv6 up and running on Fedora

    I'm coming to you through the shiny and "new" IPv6 Internet.  No, seriously, I am!  I'm sure there are many people in the community that have jumped on the IPv6 bandwagon but I just made the leap this weekend.

    I'm using the "IPv6 development and tunnel broker" SixXS and it …

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  6. Setting up your (my) HP LaserJet 3055 Scanner

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a message on identi.ca inquiring as to if anyone knew how to get my multi-function HP printer device to scan.  I got a couple of responses but, unfortunately for me, these responses dealt with devices that were much nicer than mine.

    Today …

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  7. Dressed for success... I hope.

    [caption id="attachment_487" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="I've been labeled."]Shirt that says 01000100 01000001 01000100[/caption]

    My wife, being the organized one in our household, believes that everything has a place and everything in its place.  Items should also be labeled so that you know what they are, their purpose, and most importantly where …

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  8. Two Fedorians on a Northbound Train

    So I'm sitting at the Staples Mill Rd, Richmond Amtrak Station waiting for the northbound 84 when none other than Seth Vidal walks up to me and says "do you work for Red Hat?" noticing the Shadowman hat I'm wearing. Maybe we should host a hackfest on the train!

    Just …

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  9. My new WiFi Card

    Some of you know that I have been having problems getting my laptop on WiFi. The on-board card is proprietary and left me banging my head against the wall trying to make it work. A couple of weeks ago I decided enough was enough. I searched Newegg for a PCMCIA …

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  10. DOC v. PDF v. ODF... size wise

    At my job we create very large documents for customers explaining how we are going to test their systems. These documents are usually a couple thousand pages long which means the files can also get pretty large.

    I got curious to see how big the file would be based on …

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