Southeast LinuxFest - Day 1

Day 1 of SELF was quite busy.  Several Fedorians met for a FAD to discuss FUDCon finances.  Ideas were hammered out and Max or Jared or ... should be posting details on that later.

After the finance talk, Jared and I got together and started hashing out a framework on the new Fedora Cloud Guide (git). This guide will be out later this weekend with at least a framework.

I attended Paul's talk on PyGObject.  Since Python is on my to-do list I was quite interested in the discussion.  Paul explained in great detail how to use PyGObject to create the UI (it's XML!) for a Python program and how to hook it into your code.

Later, more discussion regarding Docs processes were had.  Working to integrate a QA process into the Docs products has always been an important task that I've wanted to see implemented and I'm hoping that this weekend's discussions, and those on the Docs list, will lead to a formal QA process.

Later in the evening I met up with several friends and hung out.  The social aspect of these conferences shouldn't be minimized as I generally get more ideas during these discussions than at any other time.  My only problem with these social contacts is that I rarely have time to take this information and put it into products within a sane amount of time. I'll try to do better, though.