FAD (Hackfest) @ SELF - Day 2

I was able to attend many talks during the second day of SELF and here are some of the information I gleamed from the discussions.

The speaker on IPv6 was from ARIN.  He was quite upfront with the situation regarding IPv4 addresses.  In short, we should run out of IPv4 addresses by the beginning of 2011.  At the beginning of 2010 there were 10% of all the available IPv4 addresses remaining.  By the beginning of June that number had shrunk to just over 6%.

One of the bigger concerns is that server hosting companies need to have IPv6 up and running so that clients coming from the IPv6 network can gain access to the servers.  Since IPv4 and IPv6 are mutually exclusive hosts need to have both.

Here are some links that you might be interested in if you want to know more about IPv6:

Fedora, Not just another pretty Linux
Our fearless leader, Paul, did a great presentation on Fedora.  There were lots of people in attendance and Paul showed them what Fedora was all about.
FOSS Statistics
Another great Fedorian, Ian talked about his plan to open up the log files of Fedora to the public (after being cleaned of personally identifiable information).  Allowing anyone to pull this data and use it to create their own statistics will mean that anyone can use the information to try to find cause and effect on their own.


Secure Virtualization
Dan Walsh from Red Hat gave a very good talk on secure virtualization and how SELinux is helping to keep the bits from ending up in the wrong place.  There's no way I could write about everything that Dan said because every time I hear him talk my brain starts to percolate with all kinds of ideas and documenting all those would be extremely difficult.

One thing that he did talk about that was very cool was the sandbox program.  You can create your own sandbox that has no access to anything in your home directory and can even be limited to not having access to the network!  So you can truly work in an environment without worry that the program you are testing will get out of hand.

The last talk of the day was about DNSSEC.  Very informative with the latest information on the rollout.   The talk was short and sweet but to the point.
After all the events the Fedorians assembled and headed out on the town in search of supper.  A little Thai restaurant was selected and everyone ate their fill.  We returned to find the SELF party in full swing with Dual Core providing the music!