SouthEast LinuxFest - Day 3

Southeast LinuxFest Day Three started off with a... headache.  Not a hangover but one of those random migraines that I've been trying to ward off with medications.  It wasn't debilitating but it was annoying enough to keep me out of the Puppet Labs class.

I was able to hack on the Fedora Documentation Guide a bit more and visit with some other Fedorians before they left for the airport or the Failvan.  I talked with Jim and his wife (sorry, I'm horrible with names) from Sudo Make Coffee for a while (they are both entertaining people).  Joat and I decided to leave a little early so after syncing all my documentation repositories and my email (thank you offlineimap) we headed out on the open road, Virginia-bound.

On the way home I was able to tinker with the Documentation Guide more but was having problems with Publican building the chapter I was working on. Headache and fatigue hid the problem from my view so after activating the MiFi I committed the code to git and requested help on the Docs list.

We arrived back in southeastern Virginia just in time for the storms to come in and start dumping rain.  Funny enough, it rained just long enough for me to exit Joat's car, grab my stuff, and make it into my truck.  Then, of course, it stopped raining allowing me to make it most of the way home without seeing another drop.  Go figure.

Hope everyone made it home unscathed and perhaps everyone can catch up on their lost sleep.  I will be doing the same in about five minutes as I'm sure I have a full day planned for tomorrow.

Thanks to the SouthEast LinuxFest staff and volunteers for making yet another successful, educational, and entertaining conference (you can go to sleep, now, David).  I certainly hope to be in attendance next year. Next up, Ohio Linux Fest!