Setting up your (my) HP LaserJet 3055 Scanner

A couple of weeks ago I posted a message on inquiring as to if anyone knew how to get my multi-function HP printer device to scan.  I got a couple of responses but, unfortunately for me, these responses dealt with devices that were much nicer than mine.

Today, however, I figured it out (again) and I'm writing to remind me how to do this later...

My initial problem was allowing Fedora to setup my printer in the first place.  When you do this the HP software, that makes everything work in the back-end, doesn't "see" the printer.  So the solution is quite simple.  First, remove the printer from system-config-printer.  Make sure you have the following packages installed:

  • hplip
  • hplip-common
  • hplip-libs
  • hpijs

With these packages installed run hp-setup and complete the information requested on the first screen.  By selecting next the software should see the device.  Select next again and it will ask for additional about the device.  This information is optional.  You can now complete the transaction and by firing up your SANE software.

Now maybe I can remember how to do this the next time I forget.