DOC v. PDF v. ODF... size wise

At my job we create very large documents for customers explaining how we are going to test their systems. These documents are usually a couple thousand pages long which means the files can also get pretty large.

I got curious to see how big the file would be based on the "type" of file that it was. Here are some of the numbers I came up with:

Microsoft Word .DOC file = 30,627 KB
Adobe Acrobat .PDF file = 12,610 KB .ODT file = 1,052 KB

There is something that just isn't right about those results. You mean to tell me that I could just e-mail that one file to my customer instead of burning one of the other files to a CD or DVD and FedEx'ing it to them? I guess this also shows how bloated Microsoft makes their documents. I wish I could use OpenOffice at work!