Moving to Pelican

I’ve maintained a blog for the previous ten, or so, years in one form or another. The first iteration was hosted on some platform that I don’t remember followed by WordPress (.com and self-hosted). I’ve grown weary of all the third-party stuff that gets brought in when you use more complex CMS platforms, though. That, plus the need for a database backend makes things a little heavy for something I just want to work all the time. So I went in search of a different solution that would handle all my previous articles plus allow me to easily customize the look and feel as well as maintain strict requirements on third-party connections. The solution I went with is Pelican.


Pelican allows me to write in AsciiDoc in vim (which makes me happy), save everything as simple text files, commit everything to git, and use SSH to push my site to my server quickly. Because the final site it HTML already, there is processor requirements are low and there is no need for a database backend.

I’m still tweaking the theme I’m using to make it just right so expect the look of the site to change in the coming days but overall the information is here so feel free to poke around.