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  1. Options for MDMTNS-7

    This July will be the first time I’ll be activating MDMTNS-7 for the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet (ATGP) event. Previous years have seen this station manned from a home with tower. Unfortunately, this is no longer an option.

    Topographic chart of the three sites for MDMTNS-7

    Today I went looking for options for this year’s event …

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  2. Applications for Ham Radio 802.11 Networks

    This article originally appeared on 2016-02-12 but has been revamped to better include amateur radio technologies that are present in 2020.

    Digital wireless networks have been around for decades, now. In the last few years, amateur radio operators have been taking advantage of cheaper microwave gear that has allowed …

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  3. 2020 Golden Packet Event on Apple Orchard Mountain

    SOTA Stats

    • When: 2020 from 1442Z to 1600Z

    • Where: Apple Orchard Mountain - W4V/RA-001

    • Who: Just me

    • Ascent: Hike Up

    • Equipment: Kenwood D-700, Opek HVU-500 antenna

    • APRS Coverage: Excellent

    • Contacts Made: 7

    Mistakes were made; success was had.

    As in years past, the goal of the Golden Packet Event is …

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  4. Upgrading APRS on the Outer Banks

    I recently had the opportunity to help a friend update the APRS digipeater in Buxton, NC. The digipeater has been in service for around fifteen years and during those years a few things have changed.

    The digipeater used to transmit weather data from an Ultimeter weather station. That weather station …

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  5. Satellite APRS Article from 2005

    I’ve been going through some papers around the house and scanning them onto my computer for longevity sake. Recently, I ran across an article I published in Project OSCAR’s The Satellite Beacon journal back in 2005. I reprint it here for those that might be interested in what …

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  6. APRS-IS Core Servers

    I’ve been running WG3K-NJ, an APRS Firenet server, for a few years now, which is configured to connect to a core APRS-IS server to provide upstream connectivity to the rest of the network. Tonight I got thinking about network efficiencies and wondered if this connection could be made any …

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  7. SOTA Activation Report: Methodist Hill North W3/PD-006

    [caption id="attachment_1259" align="alignleft" width="300"]An Elecraft KX3 HF transceiver on the ground with a SOTA flag. Portable HF setup on Methodist Hill North[/caption]


    • When: 2017-12-23 from 1832Z to 1915Z
    • Where: Methodist Hill North - W3/PD-006
    • Who: Just me
    • Ascent: None (see below)
    • Equipment: Elecraft KX3, SOTABEAM MIDI antenna
    • APRS Coverage: Excellent
    • T-Mobile Coverage: Nil

    I arrived at …

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  8. Activating Apple Orchard Mountain (W4V/RA-001)

    On Saturday, 16 July 2016, Dave KB3RAN, Steve N3IPN, and I hiked up Apple Orchard Mountain (SOTA W4V/RA-001) to activate it for the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet event.  While we were there we took advantage of the altitude and activated the summit for Summits on the Air (SOTA), National …

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  9. UHF Repeater and APRS

    Image of UHF repeater station using a Kenwood TKR-820.Frequency
    444.350MHz (+ 5MHz)
    CTCSS 131.8Hz

    Location Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

    Image of a packet radio station using a Yaesu FT-8900, Kantronics 9612+, and MFJ-4125P power supply.Just a little project I'm working on.  I picked up a UHF repeater, controller, and duplexer at a RARSFest from a friend of a friend and I now have it here at home in Calvert County.  The repeater, along …

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  10. HSMM

    HSMM, or High Speed Multimedia, networks provide IP-based wireless network communications over amateur radio microwave frequencies for the amateur radio community. Many different services can be offered across this network providing a wide range of communication operations to the users.

    Communication Modes

    Because this network is IP-based, the network will …

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