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  1. Shortwave Radiogram 163

    I usually can only decode the Shortwave Radiogram program on Sunday evenings (local time) when conditions and frequencies line up to be perfect for the short transmission path from Florida. This morning I decided to tune in to the 15775 kHz channel, transmitted from WRMI. To my surprise there was …

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  2. Shortwave Radiogram 144

    I’ve been absent from the radio lately but I finally got some time to update some gear and get my KX3 on the air on digital modes. Tonight I received the Shortwave Radiogram; a program I really enjoy receiving.

    The program, decoded.

    Welcome to program 144 of Shortwave Radiogram …
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  3. Received WRMI QSL

    Front of a WRMI QSL Card I took at a short trip up to Catoctin Mountain Park at the beginning of the year and stayed in a rustic cabin with no running water and no electricity. It was nice, to say the least. For evening entertainment I used my Elecraft KX3 with a longwire antenna to …

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