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  1. 2015 August UHF Contest Results

    2015 August UHF Contest certificateOpened the mailbox today and was surprised to see an envelope from Newington waiting for me.  Looks like I placed third in the Atlantic Division (SOLP) and first (out of two) in the MDC section!

    Missed all the VHF+ contest this year but I'm hoping to get my antennas back …

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  2. The difference a few miles will make.

    Tonight I worked several station with two in particular being W1AN and WZ1V.  Both of those stations I worked on three bands: 144, 432, and 1296 MHz.  W1AN is a little further away than WZ1V but both are fairly close to each other in Connecticut with WZ1V being a bit …

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  3. First QSO of 2012

    The first QSO of 2012 was with a good friend of mine, Joe K4EIT.  Joe received his ticket late last year and I have been trying to hook up with him ever since.  With our schedules dividing us it has been difficult at best.  Today, however, the planets aligned and …

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  4. Five Principles of Amateur Radio in the United States

    Did you know there were five principles of Amateur Radio written into the law that is Part 97?  Those principles are:

        (a) Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service
    to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service,
    particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.
        (b) Continuation …
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  5. CW Opportunties for Fun

    I friend of mine recently tested for the Technician-class Amateur Radio license and passed without trouble.  Not that this is surprising given his history in the communications world (fricken helium atom, Sir). What I find neat is his style of operating as a newly licensed ham.  I remember when I …

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