Humor Posts via Packet

Every day or so my local packet BBS receives a humor post from W1GMF in Massachusetts. I really enjoy the jokes but I'm really impressed by the path the message has to take to make it to Yorktown, Virginia. The path looks like: KR4MA N9NDS KB0OFD N0KFQ KB8DM N4JOA N9ZZK ON0AR F4BWT VE2PKT N1UAN W1GMF W1GMF. Wow, lets see where all these stations are.

  1. W1GMF - Abington, MA
  2. N1UAN - Kingsport, TN
  3. VE2PKT - Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Quebec, Canada
  4. F4BWT - Chartainvilliers, France
  5. ON0AR - ?, Belgium
  6. N9ZZK - Diamond, IL
  7. N4JOA - Boynton Beach, FL
  8. KB8DM - Aurora, CO
  9. N0KFQ - Branson, MO
  10. KB0OFD - Forsyth, MO
  11. N9NDS - Cloverdale, IN
  12. KR4MA - Yorktown, VA

Wow, now that's a lot of hops across a couple of continents to get my daily joke! Thanks for being there guys!