Five new DXCC entities in the log

Since moving to Calvert County and getting my Carolina Windom up (radiating East-West) I've added five new DXCC entities to my logs:

  1. Kuwait - 9K2WA - 20m SSB
  2. Wallis & Futuna Islands - FW5JJ - 17m CW
  3. San Andres & Providencia - 5J0X - 10m SSB and 10m CW
  4. Kazakhstan - UN1L - 15m RTTY
  5. American Samoa - KH8/DL6JGN - 12m CW

I guess my antenna is up high enough!  I'll keep watching the cluster and grabbing what I can.  I'm also working towards my SKCC Centurion award and have been adding QSOs to my list.  More on this later.