Why we still need shortwave broadcast in this world.

The BBC is reporting that China censored Obama's speech on a number of websites.  This is yet another reason why the Internet does not, and cannot, replace shortwave broadcast.  Shortwave broadcast is very difficult, if not impossible, to block.  Governments have tried in the past to keep their citizens from hearing stations like the BBC, VOA, and others but these attempts have largely been unsuccessful.  The Internet, however, can easily be censored by governments which allows them to control the information their citizens receive.

It is also important to note that the Internet is not everywhere.  While we may have access to the Internet in our homes we may not have that same access away from home.  The speeds and reliability of that home connection may also not support "streaming audio" to listen to the BBC or VOA or other news outlet.

It is disappointing to see shortwave transmitters going silent.  In a time when it is easier for governments to control information coming into their countries, it is more important to turn these shortwave transmitters on and push the truth into these areas than rely on a medium that we cannot predict or control.