Ten-Tec Argosy


I picked up this little beauty at FrostFest yesterday in Richmond.  I've been looking for a backup HF radio for the shack but this one is quickly becoming my primary rig!  It came with a power supply, hand microphone, mobile bracket, and the manuals.

The audio is quite clear and clean and its fifty watts out is more than enough to make it across the pond.  SM5CAK was my first DX contact on this rig.  I received a 5-7 report through nearby QRM.  I should have flipped the switch in the back to drop it down to 10 watts to see how he was copying me on QRPp mode.

I need to work on my HF6V antenna so I won't have to use a tuner on this rig.  Right now the antenna has good SWR on 40m, 30m, 20m, and 10m.  I need to adjust it so the 15m portion is flat and I need to replace the matching coil for 80m.  The antenna also has the 6m add-on kit but that isn't tuned properly so I need to work on that, too.  Maybe next weekend I can get on that.