Shortwave reports via Twitter

I use a program named Shortwave Schedules to tell me what's on the radio at any given time.  It used to just digest a CSV file from Eibi and tell you who was on and when.  Now it's gotten fancy (propagation maps for one). A feature I stumbled upon last night while searching for the frequency for Radio Romania International (it's 9645kc, BTW) is it now allows you to log your reception report, locally, and then share it in a variety of ways (pretty much anyway your phone is designed to share).  You can even record some of the broadcast for later review.  A very nice feature.

So last night I shared part of my reception report:

9645Khz 0315 14 MAY - RADIO ROMANIA INT. (ROMANIA) in ENGLISH from TIGANESTI. SINPO = 45544. @RRInternational #shortwave

—Eric Christensen (@W4OTN) May 14, 2014

Now I added the "@RRInternational #shortwave" and edited the text a bit but this is basically what went out last night.  I suspect that whoever monitors the Radio Romania International Twitter feed was probably confused about receiving the report and I'll also provide this report in a better way but I think it's a neat idea myself.

As for my little app, the log still needs a little bit of work but I'll provide that feedback via a different method.