Brass Pounder's League - so close...

About half way through the month of October I realized that I might have a chance to hit the five hundred message mark to qualify for the ARRL's Brass Pounder's League.  As the liaison from Virginia to 4RN and sometimes from 4RN to EAN I have the potential to move some traffic. Add in my NTSD station and we're talking message central here.  And since new ra-day started a few hours ago here's how I faired:


For those that don't know O stands for messages originated, R stands for messages received, S stands for messages sent, and D stands for messages delivered.  T is just the total of all messages handled.  Unfortunately I was twelve messages short of the required 500.

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't make the 500 message mark but 488 is a lot of messages!  And I'm not giving up, either.  I effectively have this entire month to try to do it all over again! Hopefully I'll have more trips to EAN with more traffic and hopefully band conditions will improve from my station to the rest of fourth region (VA to FL).