Art Chimes missing from Our World

Okay, I've been caught.  I haven't been keeping up with a program I used to make a point of listening to every week.  Our World, from Voice of America, is a weekly technology show that was always quite interesting to me.  The show's host, Art Chimes, is a great guy whom I met a year, or so, ago.  Today I had some time so I grabbed last week's show and played it only to be greeted by a strange voice.  Not that the new guy is bad but what happened to Art?!?

I looked back through the shows and found that his last show was on 30 April 2010.  Like I said, I haven't been keeping up.  I hope Art is well.  I've seen a few stories published by Voice of America with his name prominently at the top so perhaps he is still around just sitting behind a different curtain.